Activating secure storage of dataset passwords for test automation

Starting from, you can store the encrypted dataset passwords in the Eclipse secure storage location on the computer. Now, when you run the tests from the command line, the product automatically uses the password and completes the test run. Prior to, you could not run the tests from the command line with encrypted datasets.


  1. Click Window > Preferences > Test > Test Execution > Automation Security.
  2. Select the Activate Secure Storage Support for Encrypted Datasets check box.
    The password is stored in the Eclipse secure storage. Do not share the computer's login credentials with others.
  3. To add the encrypted datasets, click Add, select the encrypted dataset, and click OK.
    You will be prompted to enter the dataset password that you used when encrypting the dataset.
  4. Enter the password and click OK.


When you run the tests from the command line, the test runs will complete successfully without the need to specify the password. If another user runs the same tests with encrypted datasets, the dataset password must be entered for the tests to run successfully.