Viewing stub logs

HCL® Quality Server enables HCL OneTest Virtualization users to view the console output of stubs that ran in the selected domain and environment.

About this task

You can see the results only if logging to a project results database is enabled when the stub is deployed. To verify that the stub was configured to log, check the Environments Dashboard for HCL® Quality Server (or in HCL OneTest API). If a domain-level project results database override was set up for the selected domain, only the results database specified in the override is used for displaying the console output of stubs in that domain.

If no overrides exist, the results databases for all projects published to the currently selected environment that contain the selected stub are used to display the console output of that stub.

When stub logs are viewed, the connection to the specified project results database is made from the system running HCL® Quality Server. When a stub writes its logs, the connection is made from the system running the agent upon which the stub is running. (This may not be the system running HCL® Quality Server.)
Note: When you set the logging level to Normal, log messages are written to the project results database. When you set it to Debug, more messages (in addition to those found in the project results database, if any) are written to the HCL OneTest API Agent log file. The following procedure applies to viewing the logs that are only stored in the project results database.


  1. On HCL® Quality Server Results page, specify the results database and the stub for which, you want to view the log details.
  2. Enter a date range if applicable, and click Search.
  3. Select the stub from the results to display the activities performed.
    Note: If the log panel is not displayed or if an empty log panel is displayed, refer to Troubleshooting stubs.