Controlling running stubs

You can control stubs that are running in a number of ways.

About this task

When a stub is running, the following information is displayed on the Environments Dashboard:

  • Running is displayed for the stub under the Status column. (If Broken is displayed, refer to Viewing broken stub messages.)
  • The number of requests that the stub has handled is the displayed under the Statistics tab.
When viewing the stubs in the Environments Dashboard, there are different icons used for:
  • Stub definitions that are published and become server-based stubs. The running stub is displayed with this icon: image of the icon.
  • Stubs that are created because of being started externally to HCL® Quality Server and are displayed with this icon: image of the icon.

Apart from stopping the stub (for information about this, refer to Stopping stubs), you can also change many of its configuration settings. This is done in the same way as editing the settings while the stub is stopped. After confirming your changes to the settings, the stub enters a reconfiguration state while the new settings are applied before eventually returning to the running state if successful.