Modifying running stubs

If you are using HCL OneTest API to run a stub, you can modify the stub while it is running.

About this task

Note: If you are using HCL OneTest API 8.0.1 (or later), clicking default case console output or failed validation console output on the Test Lab perspective Console window opens the Message Differences window, which enables you to debug the stub. (For information about debugging a stub, refer to Debugging Message-Based Stubs. For general information about the Message Differences window, refer to API Tester Reference.)

To modify a running stub:


  1. In HCL OneTest API Test Factory perspective, double-click the stub to open it in the Stub Editor.
  2. Use the Stub Editor to make and save any required changes to the stub. (For information about using the Stub Editor, refer to Modifying message-based stubs.)
  3. Open the Test Lab perspective.


The Task Monitor window shows that the modified stub was stopped and restarted by HCL OneTest API.