Locating the logs

HCL® Quality Server produces two types of logs: messages.log and console.log. These logs provide information about the execution of the server. If the server fails to start, this is the only information that you have to debug the failure. The logs also include information about migration of the workspace, ports that it cannot listen on, files that it cannot find, or about HTTP requests sent to the server that it cannot understand. These logs are available on your hard disk, but not viewable on the HCL® Quality Server web UI. The messages.log file contains the same log entries as console.log, but provides additional information (for example, what package logged the entry).


  1. Go to the HCL® Quality Server installation folder and locate the log files.
    • On Windows computers, the logs are in C:\Program Files\HCL\HCLProducts\QualityServer\logs.
    • On Unix and Linux computers, the logs are in /opt/HCL/HCLProducts/QualityServer/logs.
  2. Optional: Customize the location of the logs by setting the LOG_DIR variable in the following files:
    • On Windows computers, locate the setenv.bat file. Typically, the file is in C:\Program Files\HCL\HCLProducts\QualityServer\bin\setenv.bat.
    • On Unix and Linux computers, locate the setenv.sh file. Typically, the file is in /opt/HCL/HCLProducts/QualityServer/bin/setenv.sh.
    Important: After every upgrade of HCL® Quality Server, reapply the change.