Configuring logging for metrics storage (KairosDB)

You can use the server configuration file of HCL® Quality Server to configure the level and location of logging for metrics that are stored by using KairosDB.

  1. Go to the HCL® Quality Server installation folder and locate the server configuration file. Typically, on Windows computers, the file is in HCL® Quality Server installation directory\config and on non Windows computers, in /opt/HCL® Quality Server installation directory/config.
  2. Open server.custom.xml in a text editor.
  3. Add the following lines to the file.
    !--The directory to which the kairosdb server should write logs-->
    <jndiEntry id="kairosdb/logs/dir" jndiName="kairosdb/logs/dir" value="&quot;${wlp.install.dir}/logs&quot;"/>
    <!--To what level of detail the kairosdb server should write its logs (TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARN or ERROR)-->
    <jndiEntry id="kairosdb/logs/level" jndiName="kairosdb/logs/level" value="&quot;DEBUG&quot;"/>
The logs are then written to HCL® Quality Server <installation directory>\logs\kairosdb.log, rolling over each day, keeping 30 days history, and logging statements at DEBUG level or above. The logs are also included in HCL® Quality Server installation directory\logs\console.log.