Configuring WebSphere® Application Server to use HTTP/TCP proxy

You must modify the Java virtual machine (JVM) so that WebSphere® Application Server can use an HTTP/TCP proxy. You can do this change by setting some JVM options through the administrative console.

About this task

To configure WebSphere® Application Server to use the HTTP/TCP proxy:


  1. In the administrative console, open the Java virtual machine page to enter values for the JVM settings. The steps to set JVM arguments with the administrative console are different depending on the version of WebSphere® Application Server that you are using.
  2. In the Generic JVM arguments field, type the following arguments:
    -Dhttp.proxyHost=Hostname or IP address of HTTP/TCP proxy> 
    -Dhttp.proxyPort=Port number specified during installation of HCL®
                        Quality Server and/or editing registration.xml file, for example, 3128>
  3. Save the changes that are made to the master configuration.
  4. Restart the application server for the changes to take effect.
    Note: If you are setting up a HTTP/TCP proxy to support HTTPS, the properties are -Dhttps.proxyHost and -Dhttps.proxyPort.