TCP/UDP transports

In versions of HCL OneTest API earlier than 8.6.0, you can create only combined TCP/UDP transports. In 8.6.0 or later, you can create separate TCP and UDP transports and create combined TCP/UDP transports in projects that already have combined TCP/UDP transports.

If you are using HCL OneTest API 8.6.0 or later and you open a project created in an earlier version of HCL OneTest API that contains one or more TCP/UDP transports, the following conditions apply:
  • Each TCP/UDP transport is treated by HCL OneTest API as deprecated. This is indicated by strikethrough text applied to TCP/UDP transport menu options in the Logical View and Physical View of the Architecture School perspective.
  • You can create additional TCP/UDP transports. However, strikethrough text is displayed in the title bars in the TCP/UDP Connection and TCP/UDP Server windows. Also, the text under the title bar text states that TCP/UDP transports are deprecated and advises you to create separate TCP and UDP transports.