The Activity tab

With the Activity tab, you can specify a simple output response or enter more complex business logic.

For each event on the Events page, click the Activity tab to display the Activity page. Two options are available for Event Activity:
Simple Output
For a simple stub that does no more than send a response, you can edit the response message here.
Business Logic
For a more complex stub, you can add actions to the Business Logic window just as you would if you were adding actions to a test. In addition to the actions typically available in the Test Editor, you can also use the Pass-through action to define explicit pass-through behavior, and the Data Model action to provide database-type functionality. For more information about actions, see Test actions.

The Simple Output option is available for only those operations whose Message Exchange Pattern (MEP) includes a response, such as Publish/Subscribe or Request/Reply. For MEPs that do not send a response, you must use the Business Logic option.

If you include a Send Reply action in your business logic, open the message to edit the reply header or any of the fields in the message. The contents of the header depend on the transport method. For more information, see the documentation for the appropriate transport type.

If you change the Simple Output option to the Business Logic option, a single response action is displayed by default. This action is configured to send a response for the received input message.

After you have added actions in the Business Logic window, you cannot change back to the Simple Output option unless those actions are deleted. A warning message is displayed, informing you that the actions will be replaced by the default response action for the operation.