The Logging tab

With the Logging tab, you can define how much information is recorded when the stub is run.

Any information recorded will be logged in HCL OneTest API project results database and on the Test Factory perspective Console window.

The following table describes the list options on the Logging tab.
List Option Description
None No information is logged.
Normal Standard information is logged.
Debug Verbose information is logged.
Note: If you observe any delays with the stub response time, set the log level to None. This would avoid any delays due to the time taken to log details to the results database.
Note: The default list option displayed on the Logging tab is determined by the setting of the Stub default log level list on the Console page of the Preferences dialog, which is opened by clicking Project > Preferences or Window > Preferences on the menu bar. Therefore, selecting (for the currently selected stub) a different log level on the Logging tab will overwrite the default log level specified in the Preferences dialog but only for that stub.