Performance profiles

You can use a performance profile to store response time characteristics for a stub over a period of time.

A performance profile consists of test data that contain a start time and rows of phases (durations of time), minimum delay, and maximum delay.
  • The profile start time is the simulated start time of the first phase. The default for the profile start time is the time at which the profile is created. However, the start time can be edited.
  • The phase duration time units specify whether the duration values represent hours, minutes, or seconds. The default phase duration time unit is minutes. The response time distribution can be fixed, a uniformly distributed random time, or a random time with Gaussian distribution.
  • The time range for the uniform and Gaussian delay is defined by the values that are used in the Minimum Delay and Maximum Delay fields of the performance profile.

You can create performance profiles in several different ways. See Creating performance profiles.