HCL OneTest API installation topology

Understand how the HCL OneTest API components are installed in a typical installation topology. This topology shows the installation of HCL OneTest API and HCL® Quality Server. It also shows how you can extend your HCL OneTest Virtualization capabilities by installing the Virtualization Server agents.

Topology diagram for a HCL OneTest API installation
Table 1.
Component When do I need it? Where do I install it?
HCL OneTest API (client) To create, modify, and run service tests, and virtualization tests.

Additional information: With HCL OneTest API, you get a scripting-free environment for developing tests for SOA messaging and business process integration projects. You can build tests by recording existing system behaviors or from requirements. To build tests, enter the data to send and the data that is expected in return. You can also create virtual services to remove test dependencies and enable earlier testing. Virtual services can be deployed by HCL OneTest API to provide on-demand virtualized test environments that can support all phases of the test development lifecycle.

Any number of desktop computers or on a server. Install HCL OneTest API on a server to run tests non-interactively, such as regression packs or scheduled tests, or as part of a Continuous Integration (CI) environment such as Jenkins.
HCL® Quality Server To publish and store HCL OneTest Virtualization stubs and to schedule the execution of test suites.

HCL® Quality Server provides a central registration point for the proxies so that multiple instances of HCL OneTest API can find and communicate with the proxies.

Additional information: HCL® Quality Server contains technology-specific components used by HCL OneTest API for recording SOA message conversations, HTTP(S) and JDBC traffic, and for monitoring middleware systems under test with minimal reconfiguration of client applications. For more information, see HCL OneTest API tool packages.

Web server.
HCL OneTest API agents.

The following installation mode is available for different test environments:

  • HCL OneTest API Agent to virtualize services, execute stubs for continuous testing, and enable integration with IBM® Rational® Quality Manager
For HCL OneTest Virtualization and to enable integration with Rational® Quality Manager. Any remote computers that are to be used for HCL OneTest Virtualization.