HCL OneTest API on Linux systems

Understand the considerations that apply to install HCL OneTest API on Linux systems.

Installation settings

Before you install HCL OneTest API on Linux systems, ensure that umask is set to 0022 so that the HCLIMShared directory and the files in the installation folder are created with the correct permissions. On RedHat Enterprise Linux, by default, the umask is set to 0077 and only users with root permission can run HCL OneTest API. This restriction also applies to setting up the license server. Start Installation Manager to begin the installation only after you set the umask to 0022.

The HCLIMShared directory is created only if this is the first use of installing a product with Installation Manager, otherwise the currently used IMShared directory is used.

User permissions

The administrative user who installs the software must have write permissions to the installation directory, for example, /opt/HCL/HCLProducts.