SQLGetInfo (level one only)

SQLGetInfo returns general information about the driver and data source associated with an hdbc.

The following table describes the SQLSTATE and error values for SQLGetInfo.
SQLSTATE Error value Error message
01000 -11001 General warning
01004 -11003 Data truncated
08003 -11017 Connection not open
22003 -11025 Numeric value out of range
S1000 -11060 General error
S1001 -11061 Memory-allocation failure
S1009 -11066 Invalid argument value
S1090 -11071 Invalid string or buffer length
S1096 -11077 Information type out of range
S1C00 -11092 Driver not capable
S1T00 -11094 Time-out expired
08S01 -11301 A protocol error has been detected. Current connection is closed.