SQLConnect (core level only)

SQLConnect loads a driver and establishes a connection to a data source.

The connection handle references where all information about the connection, including status, transaction state, and error information is stored.

The following table describes the SQLSTATE and error values for SQLConnect.
SQLSTATE Error value Error message
01000 -11001 General warning
08001 -11015 Unable to connect to data source
08002 -11016 Connection in use
08S01 -11020 Communication-link failure
28000 -11033 Invalid authorization specification
IM002 -11041 Data source not found and no default driver specified
IM003 -11042 Specified driver could not be loaded
IM004 -11043 Driver's SQLAllocEnv failed
IM005 -11044 Driver's SQLAllocConnect failed
IM006 -11045 Driver's SQLSetConnectOption failed
IM009 -11048 Unable to load translation shared library (DLL)
S1000 -11060 General error
S1001 -11061 Memory-allocation failure
S1090 -11071 Invalid string or buffer length
S1T00 -11094 Time-out expired
S1000 -11302 Insufficient connection information was supplied
S1000 -11320 Syntax error
S1000 -11323 The statement contained an escape clause not supported by this database driver