SQLParamOptions (core and level two only)

SQLParamOptions allows an application to specify multiple values for the set of parameters assigned by SQLBindParameter.

The ability to specify multiple values for a set of parameters is useful for bulk inserts and other work that requires the data source to process the same SQL statement multiple times with various parameter values. For example, an application can specify three sets of values for the set of parameters associated with an INSERT statement, and then execute the INSERT statement once to perform the three insert operations.

The following table lists the SQLSTATE values commonly returned by SQLParamOptions and explains each one in the context of this function; the notation (DM) precedes the description of each SQLSTATE returned by the driver manager. The return code associated with each SQLSTATE value is SQL_ERROR unless noted otherwise.
SQLSTATE Error value Error message
01000 General warning
S1000 General error
S1001 Memory-allocation failure
S1010 Function-sequence error
S1107 Row value out of range