SQLSetStmtOption (level one only)

SQLSetStmtOption sets options that are related to an hstmt.

To set an option for all the statements associated with a specific hdbc, an application can call SQLSetConnectOption.

The following table describes the SQLSTATE and error values for SQLSetStmtOption.
SQLSTATE Error value Error message
01000 -11001 General warning
01S02 -11007 Option value changed
08S01 -11020 Communication-link failure
24000 -11031 Invalid cursor state
S1000 -11060 General error
S1001 -11061 Memory-allocation failure
S1009 -11066 Invalid argument value
S1010 -11067 Function-sequence error
S1011 -11068 Operation invalid at this time
S1092 -11073 Option type out of range
S1C00 -11092 Driver not capable