To view a name's effective access in the ECL

The effective access a person or a group has to the workstation ECL is not always apparent. For example, you may have granted temporary access to a group that designed a database application that you are working in. This access is valid for the duration of a session, but if that session lasts all day, you may want to refresh your memory of who has been granted ECL rights on your workstation. With one click, you can determine a person's, or group's, effective access in your ECL.


  1. Click File > Security > User Security (Macintosh OS X users: Notes > Security > User Security).
  2. Click What Others Do, and select either Using Workstation, Using Applets, or Using JavaScript.
    Note: You need to be in the appropriate ECL pane to see the effective access for that ECL. For example, to see who has access in the JavaScript ECL, you would need to select the JavaScript ECL.
  3. Click the Effective Session ECL button.
    • The listbox on the left shows the users and groups who have access to this ECL, both permanently and for the duration of this session.
    • Select a name to see the user or group access rights. The check boxes on the right side of the dialog box indicate the access rights for the selected name.


Note: If your administrator has restricted your ability to change your ECL, the Effective Session ECL button will be greyed out.