Using Notes shared login to eliminate Notes password prompts

Notes® shared login (hereafter shared login) allows you to start IBM® Notes and use your User ID without having to provide a Notes password. You only need to log in to Microsoft® Windows® using your Windows password. Your administrator controls whether you can use shared login.

About this task

You cannot use shared login if any of the following conditions is true:

  • you use a computer that does not run Microsoft Windows
  • you use a Smartcard to log in to Notes
  • your User ID is protected by multiple passwords
  • you are a roaming user that uses a roaming ID
  • you run Notes on a USB drive
  • you use a mandatory Windows profile
  • you are running Notes in a Citrix environment


Thing to know about using shared login

About this task

You should also be aware of the following characteristics of shared login:

  • The shared login feature requires that you log in to Windows on the computer and as the user used to activate the shared login feature. Otherwise, you are not be able to start Notes.
  • To copy your User ID, you must use a special procedure that adds a Notes password to the ID.
  • You are prompted for your Windows password when you open the User Security window, or when you unlock your User ID after locking it.
  • Your Windows password can be changed at any time, either by you on your computer, or by your administrator.
  • You cannot synchronize your Internet password with your Notes password because your Notes password no longer exists.
  • If you are a roaming user, you can use this feature if you leave your ID on the Windows machine on which shared login was activated.
  • If you use a Windows roaming profile you should log in to an Active Directory domain controller from one computer at a time. If you are logged in from more than one computer, there is a possibility that Notes may not be able to decrypt your ID file.
  • You do not need to provide a Notes password if you log into a Notes-based application .

If your Notes ID is enabled for shared login, a dialog box is displayed if an unsuccessful login attempt is made.

Unsuccessful log-ins are rare and would most likely occur if:

  • You try to log in as a different Windows user than the one who enabled shared login for the current Notes ID.
  • You enabled shared login on a different computer, and copied the Notes ID to this machine through the operating system rather than by using the Copy ID feature.
  • The Notes ID itself is damaged.