What Recognizer tasks can I do in the Widget Management view?

You can see and act on recognizers using the Recognizers tab in the Widget Management view.

About this task

Open the Widgets Management view to act on available recognizers.


  1. Click Manage Widgets, Content, and Recognizers in the My Widgets options menu.
  2. Click the Recognizers tab.

    The available fields are listed and described below:

    • Enabled

      You can enable or disable the display of specific recognizers as Live Text in the active session. For example, set the Enabled field to false to disable display of the supplied advanced recognizers. To toggle this value, double-click the value or right-click and select Disable/Enable.

    • Recognizer name

      This name corresponds to the Recognizer name field entry on the Configure a Recognizer dialog. The recognizer name of supplied advanced recognizers, is Advanced Recognizer for the USA.

    • Content type name

      This name corresponds to the Content Type name selected on the Configure a Recognizer dialog.

    • Locked or unlocked

      If the recognizer was installed from the widget catalog or was installed with the client, it is locked and view-only; otherwise, it is unlocked for you and the row is editable.

    • ID

      This is how the Live Text recognizer is expressed in the widget's XML extension in the catalog.

    • Regex

      This value is the recognizer's Java regular expression and corresponds to the Enter a regular expression field on the Configure a Recognizer dialog.

      Recognizers that you create must adhere to standard Java regular expression conventions. When you create the recognizer, a field is available in which you enter a valid Java regular expression. However, Widgets and Live Text is initially supplied with several advanced auto-recognizers, including people (names), addresses, and organizations.

      Java regular expression conventions can be found at external Web sites.

    • Content Type ID

      This value corresponds to the Grouping property on the Configure a Recognizer dialog. It is the ID of the grouping of the chosen content type that was selected when the recognizer was created.

      If you right-click on a recognizer, you will have the following available actions:

      - Disable/Enable

      - Remove (only available if not locked)

      - Edit (only available if not locked)

      - Publish to Catalog (only available if you have access to publish and you created the content type)