What Widgets and Actions tasks can I do in the Widget Management view?

You can see and act on widgets using the Widgets and Actions tab in the Widget Management view.

Open the Widgets Management view to act on available Widgets and Actions.

  1. Click Manage Widgets, Content, and Recognizers in the My Widgets options menu.
  2. Click the Widgets and Actions tab.

    The available fields are listed and described below:

    • Widgets and Actions

      Expand the name in the Widgets and Actions column to see each available action as a separate row. You can edit or remove existing actions. You can also configure a new action or make changes.

      Each entry has associated actions, which are available when you right-click on the entry. For example, right-clicking a component yields a menu of options including Open in, Configure a New Action, E-mail to.

    • Locked or unlocked

      If the widget was installed from the widget catalog, the widget and its actions are locked and view-only; otherwise, they are unlocked for you and the row is editable.

    • Content type

      This column lists the content type name for which the action is configured. For example, for a local weather widget there may be an Address content type listed.

    • Open in

      This field contains the default manner in which to open the result of the component action. For example, if a default window in which to open and act on content was specified for the action, that window type is listed.

    • Wires

      This column lists the wiring of the content type to the widget property. For example, if, for a given action, address.zip > Zip Code appears in this column, a content type property of ID address.zip has been wired to the widget's property named Zip Code.

    • ID

      This column lists the action ID or name.