Working with Widgets and Live Text - End users

If you are a Widgets and Live Text end user who does not have widget creation or catalog access rights, you can act on Live Text in your active document or double-click an installed widget to start an action. Depending on your policy or preference settings, you may also be able to do other tasks, such as add a new widget to your client sidebar or My Widgets sidebar panel.

Although users can have any range of available Widgets and Live Text capabilities based on how their administrator has configured them, in this help system end users are defined as those users who can act on Live Text and installed widgets and be provisioned with widgets based on membership in widget categories. End user and power user capabilities often overlap.

Note: Regardless of whether the My Widgets sidebar panel is visible, widget actions that have been provisioned to you are engaged when you act on Live Text.
Note: You can use the Widgets preference panel to optionally display the My Widgets sidebar and toolbar.

If Live Text display is enabled, you can see and act on auto-recognized Live Text in your documents using widget actions created specifically for your use. For example, you can select a Live Text instance (for example, a flight number) and act on it (for example, to look up a flight status) by opening a third-party flight status widget action that has been provisioned to you.

Note: You can also control the display of Live Text using the Live Text preferences panel or by clicking Tools > Recognize Live Text in this Document.