How do I set a replication schedule?

Once you have created a local replica of an HCL Notes® application, you can keep your replica in sync with the server version. Do this by seting up replication schedules that allow you to replicate/sync your local replica automatically, and on a regular basis.


  1. From an open application, click File > Application > Make Available Offline.
  2. Click Set or Change Schedules.
    Note: You can set up the same replication and sync schedule from the Schedule button (Notes Basic client users: Replication tab) at the top of the Replication and Sync page.
  3. Select Replicate/sync at this interval for normal priority and specify the schedule:
    • In the Daily from field, specify start and end times that define the period of the day during which you want replication and sync to occur.
    • In the Repeat every field, specify the number of minutes you want to elapse between replication and sync sessions.

      For example, suppose you have scheduled replication for 8 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday with a 360-minute (6 hours) repeat interval. If you start HCL Notes® at 9 AM on Tuesday, Notes® immediately replicates, and replicates again 6 hours later.

    • In the Days of the week field, specify the days on which you want replication and sync to occur.
  4. Optional: Select Replicate/sync at this additional interval for high-priority and specify the additional schedule as in the previous step.
  5. Optional: Select any other replication triggers and whether you want to be prompted when each trigger occurs so that you have a chance to cancel the replication and sync.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Optional: To use the same schedule for all locations, click the Options for this Application button and select Apply changes to all locations at the bottom of the Basics page of the Replication Options dialog box. This also applies any other changes you make on this page to all locations.
  8. Click OK.
  9. On the Replication and Sync page, in the Enabled column, make sure the application entries you want to replicate or sync on schedule have check marks.