Getting started with Replication

Replication allows you to keep a local version of a Notes® application on your hard disk drive. The local version is identical to the application on a server, so you can make changes to one version, and those changes will appear in both the local and server versions of the application. Replication is a great tool to have when working with large documents or applications, since the local version, or replica, of an application can open documents and views much faster than the server version, which has to open documents and views over a network.

Note: An application copy (created by clicking File > Application > New Copy) cannot be replicated. Application copies only show application views and documents as they appeared when the copy was created, and are not kept current with the server version. Please be aware of this important distinction between application replicas and application copies.

Server-based replicas

In addition to creating local replicas, replication also lets users on different networks, in a variety of physical locations, share the most current version of information in an application. If you want to create a replica of an application on a server, ask your HCL Domino® administrator for assistance.