Integrating an online meeting

In Notes 12.0.1 and later, users can generate a dynamic link to meetings on the following services - GoToMeeting, Teams, WebEx, Zoom, and Sametime.

Before you begin

The following are prerequisites:
  • Users need account credentials to register one or more of these services.
  • Sametime only: To enable the use of dynamic online meetings for Sametime, the following additional notes.ini setting is required on the Notes client: DOMI_ST_ROOTURL=<sametime meeting server URL>. For example: DOMI_ST_ROOTURL=

About this task

This feature is an improvement from inserting static URLs into meeting invitations.

Admins can control which services are available. By default, all five options are listed. For more information, see Controlling the dynamic online meeting services that are visible in the Domino documentation.

If you plan on integrating Microsoft Teams, see Grant tenant-wide admin consent to an application in the Microsoft documentation for information on how administrators can grant organization-wide access, . At least one user needs to request approval for an app to be added to the Enterprise apps list.


  1. In a calendar form, select Add Online Meeting > Configure Dynamic Meeting Services:


    add online meeting for mac


    add online meeting for windows
  2. In the Configure Dyanamic Meeting Services dialog box, select Register for the meeting service you want to register:
    dynamic meeting services dialog box
  3. In the Meeting Service Credentials dialog box, add your email and click Get Token:
    meeting services configuration window

    In the web window that opens, enter your credentials for the meeting service you are registering.

  4. After you enter your credentials, copy the generated token.
  5. Return to the Meeting Service Credentials dialog and paste the value into the Token box.
  6. Click OK.
    Once the service is registered, you can remove or edit the account in the Configure Dyanamic Meeting Services dialog (Add Online Meeting > Configure Meeting Services).
    edit or remove meetings window
    You can view saved online meetings by selecting Add Online Meeting > My Online Meeting.