What do I do when a widget or Live Text action prompts me to authenticate?

If a Web-based or feed-based widget requires authentication, you must authenticate before using it. For example, when you click on a Live Text item, you will be prompted to enter a user name and password when the target widget for that Live Text requires authentication.

About this task

If an account does not exist, you may be prompted to enter a new user name and password and a general account will be created for your future use. If an account exists that allows you to correctly authenticate, a permission to proceed screen appears after you enter a valid user name and password. As prompted, if you trust this source click Allow; otherwise click Cancel. The account can be created ahead of time or at run time.

If authentication is successful, the action occurs. If authentication fails, you are prompted to try again, attempt to log in at the target website manually, or to contact the person who created the widget. If authentication fails and you know that the user name and password are correct, the website may have changed since the widget was created. Click Cancel, try logging in manually, and then engage the widget. The widget recognizes that you are already logged in, and in this case will not prompt for user name and password.

Note: You can view the accounts that have been created for a widget by clicking File > Preferences > Accounts. This allows you to see which widgets have permission to access that account. Editing an account allows you to modify the user name and password. In the Advanced Properties section, clearing the Widget IDs field of all text revokes the permission granted for widgets to use this account. If you do that, the next time a user engages any widget that uses this account, they will be asked for permission to use the account associated with the widget.