How do I add a widget to the My Widgets or client sidebar panel?

Add a widget to your client or My Widgets sidebar panel in any of the following ways.

About this task

  • To add a widget from the My Widgets sidebar panel to the client sidebar, do the following:
    • Right-click the widget in the My Widgets sidebar panel, click Properties and check the Add as a panel on startup option.

    • Open the target Notes® form, view, XPage, or document or the Web page, feeds XML page (for example, ending with an .rss file extension), or Google Gadget page from the gadget catalog. For example, navigate to a specific and searchable Notes® view or a simple Web gadget such as a tool that tracks weather by zip code. Click the Add as a Panel toolbar button.
      Note: If you are using this method to add a Web page, gadget, or feed to the sidebar, you must use the embedded browser. To enabled Web display in Notes®, click File > Preferences > Web Browser > Use the browser embedded in this client.

      The widget appears as a new sidebar panel item and will appear in your sidebar each time you start Notes. Using this method creates the widget with the option Add as a panel on startup.

  • To add an existing widget to the My Widgets sidebar panel, do any of the following:
    • Browse the widget catalog and drag and drop the widget that you want to your My Widgets sidebar panel.
    • Drag and drop an emailed widget to your My Widgets sidebar panel.
    • Select one or more widget documents in the widget catalog and select Tools > Widgets > Install this Widget.
    • Import or drag and drop a widget from your file system to your My Widgets sidebar panel.
    • Select a category in the Widgets preferences to install all widgets included in that category from the widget catalog.