Configuring your environment

Your administrator can configure you to work as a roaming user, enabling your personal HCL Notes®applications and settings to be roamed between any Notes client on which you work. When you log in to Notes on each computer on which you work, you will be initially prompted to convert to Notes roaming user status.

About this task

The data that your administrator configures to be roaming-enabled replicates between your roaming server and any Notes® computer that you log into.

After your administrator configures you as a Notes® roaming user, you will be prompted once to convert to Notes roaming user status.


  1. When you log in to Notes, you are informed that your administrator has enabled you as a Notes roaming user and receive a basic explanation of what roaming enables you to do. Respond to the convert prompt as follows:
    • Convert to roaming now – Replicate your personal applications and settings now and enable your roaming user status on this computer. Once you convert you will not be prompted again on this computer.
    • Ask me the next time I start Notes – Do not convert now but be prompted the next time that you log in to this computer.
    • Never ask me again, I do not want this computer to roam – Once you choose this option you will never be prompted to convert to roaming user status on this computer. The personal applications and configuration you use on this computer will remain unique to this computer and will not participate in roaming.
  2. Click OK.
  3. If you selected to convert, you can monitor your personal application and configuration replication status against the roaming server, click File > Replication > Replicate.
  4. If you selected to convert, a message appears when roaming user setup is complete. Click OK.