What roaming preferences can I set?

Use the Notes® Roaming preferences panel to temporarily enable or disable roaming and specify whether to use local or remote replication for file server roaming. .

This preference panel is only available for file server roaming. If your configuration specifies a HCL Domino® server as your roaming server, you cannot see or use this preferences panel.
Note: Your administrator configures you as either a file server roaming user or Domino® server roaming user.
  1. Click File > Preferences > Roaming.
  2. Check Temporarily disable roaming to disable roaming on this computer. Uncheck Temporarily disable roaming to re-enable roaming.
  3. Specify either local or remote file server roaming using the Access mode options as below:
    • Local -- This option specifies that Notes® replicates roaming data from the computer you are working on to your roaming server.
    • Remote -- This option specifies that Notes® uses NSF database links to access data on the roaming server. If you choose this option, only one Notes® client can be active at a time because NSF sharing is not supported in a file share.
      Note: This setting takes effect after you restart Notes®.