How can I change the order of ports that Notes® tries first when connecting to a server?

You can change the order of ports that HCL Notes® tries first when connecting to a server. Notes® tries enabled ports in the order in which they appear in the Communication Ports dialog box. However, Notes® skips enabled ports that are not in use at the current location


  1. Click File > Preferences.

    Notes Basic client users: Click File > Preferences > User Preferences.

    Macintosh OS X users: Click Notes > Preferences.

  2. Click the plus sign, and then click Communication Ports(Notes Basic client users: click Ports).
  3. Select the port you want to reorder.
  4. Click the up or down Reorder arrow one or more times.


Note: When you create a Connection document manually, the Connection document takes the port order from the order in the CommunicationPorts dialog box. Then, whenever you connect to the destination server, Notes® uses the port order in the Connection document. If you change the port order after you have created Connection documents, you must save each Connection document again. To have different Connection documents reflect different port orders, change the port order, save a Connection document, change the port order again, save another Connection document, and so on.