How can I set Java applet and Javascript preferences?

HCL Notes® provides support for running Java applets and JavaScript through the Web Navigator on Microsoft® Windows®. On the Macintosh, Notes® supports only JavaScript. You can set preferences to enable running Java applets or to change your security.

Notes and Web browsers

  • Notes Basic client users: If you are using the Notes® with Internet Explorer browser, the change you make to enable Java applets is synchronized with the Internet Explorer software. The change takes effect if you use Internet Explorer separately from Notes®.
  • If your Internet connection is through a proxy server, you need to enter the proxy name in the Web proxy field in your Location document so that applets can run on your computer. Change the Java applet security settings if needed.
  • View the Java console (Click Tools > Show Java Debug Console) to troubleshoot any problems. The defaults set in the Java applet security section allow all hosts to run Java applets on your system. However, regardless of what settings you choose in the Java applet security section, Notes® does not permit any host access to any of your system resources (files, environment variables, password files, and so on). For more information about the Java Debug Console, see Tips and troubleshooting for Java Applets if you have installed Domino® Designer Help.