What are the mail settings for a location?

You can specify mail settings, such as whether to use your mail on a server or use your local replica, from the Mail tab of a Location document.

Table 1. Fields for mail settings


Information to enter

Mail file location

Click on Server to use your mail file directly on a server at the location or click Local to use a local replica of your mail file at the location. When you use a local replica, HCL Notes® stores mail you send in an outgoing mailbox until replication occurs.

Mail file

The path to your mail file. Notes® opens the mail file you have specified in this field when you:

  • click a mail command from the main menu
  • click Mail in the Open list or Home page
  • forward a mail message.

Domino® mail domain

The mail file's domain.

Internet domain for Notes® addresses when connecting directly to the Internet

The Internet domain to use if you have set up any Internet mail accounts

Recipient name type-ahead

Click Disabled if you don't want to have Notes® automatically suggest full names when you type mail addresses while this location is current. Click Local Only to have Notes® look for names in your Contacts application when you type mail addresses. Click Local then Server to have Notes® look for names in your Contacts application and then the Domino® Directory on your home server when you type mail addresses.

Activate recipient name type-ahead

Click On Each Character to have Notes® look for a name with each letter you type (for example find Johnson if you type Joh), or On Delimiter to have Notes® look only when you've typed an entire name.

Recipient name lookup

Click Stop after first match to have Notes® find only the first name that matches the recipient name when you send mail from this location. Click Exhaustively check all address books to have Notes® find all of the names that match the recipient name and ask you which one to use.

Mail addressing

This field appears only if you have specified Local for Mail file location.

Click Local then Server to show any Domino® directories on your home server in the Directory list in various dialog boxes that let you select people, for example, Select Addresses or Select Names.

Note: The local Contacts applications that appear in this list are specified in your Preferences. For more information, see Changing or adding contacts files.

Send outgoing mail

Click through Domino Server to send mail through your home server. Click directly to Internet to send mail through an Internet account.

Format for messages addressed to Internet addresses

Click Notes Rich Text Format to allow all messages over the Internet to be sent as plain text. Click MIME Format to keep as much formatting as possible, depending on the recipient's mail, when mailing to non-Notes users.

Transfer outgoing mail if

This field appears only if you have specified Local for Mail file location.

Type the number of messages which must accumulate before Notes® automatically sends mail.

Note: If you stop replication while it is in progress, or see any errors when sending mail, Notes® may delay sending your outgoing mail even when there are more messages in your outbox than specified in this field. You can force all mail to be sent by replicating the Send Outgoing Mail entry on the Replication page.