How do I forward meeting invitations to another person automatically?

You can forward meeting invitations and notices you receive to a specified person or group, so they can manage your schedule.


  1. Click File > Preference, and then click Mail.
  2. Click Access & Delegation.
  3. On the Access to Your Mail & Calendar page, click a listed person or group or add a new person or group.
  4. Under Automatic Forwarding, select one or both of the following to specify the types of meeting invitations and notices to forward:
    • I am the chair
    • I am a participant
  5. In the For notices associated with calendar entries I have marked as private field, select one of the following:
    • Do not forward cancels forwarding where Mark Private is selected.
    • Forward without private details forwards entries without including private details (for a meeting, the chair and subject of the meeting).
    • Forward with full details forwards entries including the private details.