How do I use XPage applications in Notes?

You can run XPage applications in HCL Notes®.

About this task

These applications display in the embedded browser or in the sidebar and for the most part look and behave like Web applications. XPage applications in the Notes® client have their own toolbar, which is visible whenever an XPage has focus in the embedded browser. One advantage of using XPage application in the Notes® client is that you can replicate locally an application developed for the Web and run it off-line in the Notes® client. Depending on the design of an XPage application, you may be able to perform one or all of these tasks:

  • Use File > Save to preserve modifications to XPages.
  • When you have authenticated in the Notes® client, the same credentials are used for access to any XPage application or component. Therefore, you are not prompted with a Web login dialog as would occur with a traditional Web application running in the embedded browser.
  • Pages can be bookmarked in the Notes® client.
  • Use the navigation buttons to move backward and forward between pages, stop the current action, refresh the current page, and return to the original page. The refresh button also offers a Clear Private Data option that clears the embedded browser cache.
  • Use the Print button to set up XPages for printing and print them.
  • If Domino® Designer is installed, you can click the View Page Source button to see the HTML source or click the View Configuration button to see the embedded browser settings.

For complete information about XPage applications, see the Domino Designer XPages User Guide in the Domino Designer Help on your system. To view or download Domino® Designer Help, go to Documentation on the Web.