Which Notes files should be backed up?

You may want to back up and later restore particular HCL Notes® applications and files.

The table below shows a list of Notes® applications and files to back up.

Note: The following table content may be incomplete or outdated; not all listed items must be backed up.
Table 1. Important files to back up

File name




Notes\Data directory

Contains your saved bookmarks and Home Page information.


Notes\Data directory

Contains your local free time information.


Notes\Data directory

This is your Workspace that maps to your bookmarks.


Notes\Data directory

Contains your Application Subscriptions information.


Notes® program directory

Contains the configuration information based on the options available when you install Notes®. This file is used for comparison when you upgrade to new versions of Notes®.


Notes\Data directory

Contains information from your newsgroup subscriptions (NNTP).


Notes\Data directory

Contains your contact entries, mailing groups, connections, and locations.


Notes® program directory

Contains the information you provide when you set up Notes®, including the options you select in User Preferences. May also contain information created by your administrator. This file gets deleted when you uninstall Notes®.


Notes\Data directory

This is your Personal Web Navigator application that contains Web browser information.


Notes\Data directory

Contains all of the words you have added to your personal dictionary through the Add to Dictionary option in the Spell Checker.


Notes\Data directory

Applications that you create on your computer are stored in the Data directory.

<yourname>.nsf (local copy)

Notes\Data directory

Contains your Mail, Calendar, and To Do list. This only shows up in the Data directory if you have a local replica of your Mail file.


Notes\Data directory

This is your User ID file. You need this to access Notes®.