How can I embed part of a file into a document?

About this task

You can embed part of a file from another application into an HCL Notes® document. If the application has OLE 2.0 technology you can drag and drop the data into Notes®.


  1. In the application, select the data you want to embed.
  2. Copy it to the clipboard.
  3. In Notes®, open the target document in Edit mode.
  4. Click in a rich-text field where you want the object to appear.
  5. Click Edit > Paste Special.
  6. Click Paste. Paste Special dialog box
  7. In the As: box, select the source you copied the data from (for example, if you copied data from 1-2-3® for Windows, select 1-2-3® Workbook).
  8. (Optional) Click Display as icon to display the data as an icon.
  9. Click OK.
    Note: If you create an embedded object whose source application allows embedding, you can embed additional objects in the original object. This is called compound embedding.