How can I embed new data into a document?

About this task

You can embed a new object into an HCL Notes® document. When you create a new object, Notes® opens a blank work file in the application you select so you can enter data. When you save the data, it is saved as an object in Notes® (instead of as a separate file).

If you select a source application that supports OLE 2.0, Notes® opens the blank work file directly in Notes®.


  1. With the document in Edit mode, click where you want the object to appear.
  2. Click Create > Objects.
  3. Select Object.
  4. Select an object type that corresponds to the application you want to use.
  5. Optional: Click Display as icon to display an icon instead of the embedded data.
    • If you display the data as an icon, you can edit out of place, meaning the source application opens when you want to edit.
    • If you don't display the data as an icon, and the source application supports it, you can edit in-place, meaning the application opens right there in the Notes® document.
  6. Click OK.
    • If the source application supports in-place editing, Notes® launches the source application in the document (as long as you didn't choose to display the data as an icon).
    • If the application does not support in-place editing, the application is launched separately.
  7. Enter data in the blank work file.
  8. If the object was launched:
    • Out-of-place, Click File > Exit & Return to Notes (or the application's command equivalent).
    • In-place, click anywhere in the document outside the new object.