Object failed to respond

What happened

The link to the OLE object you are attempting to activate has become invalid. This may have happened for several reasons:

  • The source file was not saved (perhaps because of an unexpected system error), even though the HCL Notes® document was.
  • The source file has been deleted or moved in the operating system.
  • The server application is no longer installed.
  • The server application's OLE registration is no longer correct.
  • Several OLE objects are activated already, and there's not enough memory to activate this one.

What you can do

Try any or all of the following, and then try again to activate the object:

  • Close other programs to save on memory.
  • Restart your system to clear memory.
  • To correct the OLE registration for the server application, re-install the application.
  • Note: For the future, keep in mind that copying or moving an application through the operating system instead of installing it can invalidate the OLE registration.
  • Check that the source file has not been renamed, deleted, moved, or saved in a different format when linking.