The NOTES.INI file cannot be found

What happened

HCLNotes® can't find your NOTES.INI file.

NOTES.INI is a customizable settings file that contains information about your use of Notes®. In order for Notes® to run, the NOTES.INI file must be in the search path.

Note: Instead of this message, you may see a message saying that you need an up-to-date BOOKMARK.NTF when you start Notes® without a NOTES.INI file. You need both files to start Notes®.

What you can do

  • In Windows, make sure the PATH statement in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file includes the directory that contains NOTES.INI (either your Notes® program directory or your Windows directory).
  • If you accidentally deleted NOTES.INI, create a blank NOTES.INI file that will be validated when you next open Notes®. It should be an ASCII file named NOTES.INI with [NOTES] as the first line, Directory= with the path name to your Notes® data directory (as in DIRECTORY=C:\NOTES\DATA) as the second line, and KitType=1 (to indicate a Notes® installation) as the third line. See your Domino® administrator for assistance.
  • Reinstall Notes®.

Macintosh users

On the Macintosh the NOTES.INI file is a resource file called Notes® Preferences, located in the Preferences folder in your System folder.