How can I drag and drop data from another application to Notes?

About this task

You can drag and drop data from many applications into an IBM® Notes® document if the source application supports OLE 2.0 Once in the document, the data is an embedded object -- changes to it will not affect the original file.

Note: Not all applications implement this feature the same way. If the procedure below does not work, refer to the documentation for the application you are using.


  1. In Notes®, open the target document in Edit mode.
  2. In the application, select the data you want to embed.
  3. Press and hold Ctrl, and click the outline of the selected data.
  4. While holding Ctrl, drag the selection to the Notes® document and drop it where you want the object to appear. Holding Ctrl while you drag copies the data; dragging alone cuts the data out of the source file.
    Note: If you're using Windows®, you can drag and drop data from an OLE 2.0 server application to Notes® using the Windows® desktop. To do so, copy the data to the Clipboard, click the right mouse button on the Windows® desktop, and click Paste Shortcut. Then drag the shortcut from the Windows® desktop and drop it in the Notes® document.