Troubleshooting tips for embedding OLE objects and ActiveX controls

There are several reasons you may see the message: An error has occurred while processing a request on an object.

  • You are trying to embed an ActiveX control that does not support being inserted manually (the control can only be embedded programmatically). Check the Windows® registry to see if the control supports being inserted (embedded). The control is listed under the \\HKey_classes_root; verify that the Insertable key appears under the control's name.
  • You are trying to embed an OLE object or ActiveX control that has not been installed correctly, or the Windows® registry contains conflicting information about the OLE object or ActiveX control. Reinstall the OLE object or ActiveX control to resolve the issue.
  • You may have multiple versions of IBM® Notes® installed. For OLE to work properly, the Windows® registry must be accurate. Make sure you are using the most recently installed version of Notes®.
  • Your system is low on memory. Close your applications and restart the computer.