Opening someone else's mail and calendar

You can manage mail, calendar or to do entries for another user. Depending on how much access you have to their mail file, you may be able to read messages or calendar entries, and edit, create, or delete them. You may also be able to send mail on behalf of the other user. You cannot manage someone else's mail in lite mode.

About this task

Even though you have access to another user's mail file, you cannot read encrypted mail that they receive, and you cannot send signed or encrypted mail on their behalf.


Complete one of these steps to open another person's mail:
Table 1. Methods for opening another person's mail
Task Action
Open another person's mail using a shortcut
  1. Create a shortcut using Preferences > Delegation > Shortcuts.
  2. Open your mail Inbox.
  3. Expand Other Mail, and click the name of the person whose mail file you want to open.
Open another person's mail when there is no shortcut
  1. Open your mail Inbox.
  2. Expand Other Mail, and then click Open Mail for.
  3. Enter the name for the person whose mail you want to open, or click the arrow to select a name from a directory.
Open another person's mail using a URL
  1. In your browser's address box, type the HCL iNotesĀ® mail URL for the person whose mail you are managing.
  2. Enter your own user name and Internet password in the dialog box that appears.


When you work with someone else's mail, that person's name will appear on the browser tab for their Inbox. Your own Inbox will still show only as Inbox on the browser tab.