Java-based Adapters

To configure the Java-based adapters, modify the CLASSPATH environment variable, either directly or by adding the JAR file entries to the [External Jar Files] section of the dtx.ini file.

The [External Jar Files] section is valid only when the adapter is invoked by the Map Command Server, or a non-Java-based API

For example:
[External Jar Files] 
jarN =c:\mypath\myjar.jar 

where N represents the next available number if multiple jar entries exist.

For example:
[External Jar Files] 
Note: Environment variables cannot be used in these entries.
You can use CLASSPATH environment variables to locate external jar modules. For example:
  1. Set environmental variable J2EE_HOME to point to the installed directory.
  2. Update the CLASSPATH environment variable as described below.
    Platform CLASSPATH Environment Variable
    Windows %J2EE_HOME%\lib\j2ee.jar
    Linux $J2EE_HOME/lib/j2ee.jar