Operations provide a convenient way for you to set the properties of a connector. Selecting an operation automatically configures one or more properties to simplify your experience.

For flow-based connectors, an operation corresponds to a flow. Selecting an operation selects which flow is executed.

For service-based connectors, an operation corresponds to an endpoint. Selecting an operation selects which endpoint is invoked.

Operations are defined in the Operations tab of the connector wizard. An operation has these attributes:
  • Name – an internal name for the operation.
  • Label – the label that is displayed in the user interface.
  • Description – a description of the operation.
  • Direction – the direction of an operation is one of:
    • Source – an operation that produces data and requires no request (input) data.
    • Target – an operation that consumes data and produces no response (output) data.
    • Request – an operation that both consumes and produces data.
  • Properties to Set – a table of properties to set when an operation is selected. Each row in the table defines the property to set, the value to set it to, and whether the property should be hidden in the property list. Typically, you would want to hide the property, but there may be cases where the ability to change the property value should be provided.

The label and description can be translated so they display appropriately for your locale.