Connector wizard functionality

The connector wizard provides capabilities from the connectors page of the user interface.

To access these functions, select a connector from the listed connectors and select the function from the toolbar:
  • Validate – Validates that the definition of the connector is complete and consistent. For example, it ensures that properties referenced from operations are defined in the properties list.
  • Deploy – Deploys a connector to the Link design time and runtime servers. By default, the connector is only deployed to the design time server. Additional runtime servers can be selected from the list.
  • Test – Clicking on Test launches the Link embedded user interface in another browser tab. From here, a connection can be set up for the connector and action defined and tested.
  • Update – If a service definition or a project is modified after the service has been created, clicking Update will refresh the connector definition based on the new, deleted, or modified flow or endpoint definitions.
  • Export – The connector can be exported as a compressed file. The compressed file contains both the connector definition and the runtime artifacts derived from the connector. This compressed file can then be imported to another Link instance by clicking on the Import Connector button in the connector wizard. It can also be copied to a Link server whereby the connector will be automatically installed to the Link server.
  • Export Resource Strings – Human-readable text can be translated to other languages so that the text appears in your preferred language. Labels and descriptions are exported as property files that can then be sent to a translation service.
  • Import Resource Strings – The translated property files can be uploaded to Link by putting them in a compressed file and selecting this function.
  • Raw Mode Editor – A JSON editor is provided to edit connector properties, operations and other attributes. This function is provided primarily to enable you to perform search and replace operations, such as renaming the name of the connector and all references to its name in the properties and operations.