Map and flow events

When you run HCL Link Maps or Flows using the HCL Link runtime REST API, the related Map and Flow execution events are sent to the specified Elasticsearch server.

Map and Flow execution events include these events:
  • Execution details
  • Flow and map names
  • Elapsed execution times
  • Elapsed execution times
  • Flow and map start and stop information
  • Map and its adapters return codes
  • Error details

Flow events can trigger Map events if one or more of its nodes are Map nodes. Flow events include execution details of all of its nodes. In the case of the Flow runtime failure, the corresponding Flow event will include information that determines the point of failure inside the flow, that is, which Node has caused the Flow runtime error.

All Flow and Map executions are identified by unique UUID which can be used to identify all related Flow and Map events that correspond to the specific HCL Link runtime REST API call.