For the Source setting in an input card, select Archive (Zip). In the GET > Source > Command field, enter the Restore adapter command:


The Archive Restore command extracts and restores a file named data.txt from an archive file named SavRecord.

This example extracts multiple files to memory as a continuous data stream:

SavRecord,data.txt *.dat abc\def\notes.txt "documents and settings\Administrator\listing.txt"
From an archive file named SavRecord, the Archive Restore command extracts and restores:
  • A file named data.txt
  • All files with the *.dat extension
  • The file abc\def\notes.txt
  • The file documents and settings\Administrator\listing.txt

To override Archive (Zip) adapter settings for the first output card and create an archive file named SavRecord containing the file data.txt, the Archive file adapter command string is:

-OAZIP1 'FILE,SavRecord,data.txt'