How to use the HL7 MLLP adapter in a map

You can use the HL7 MLLP adapter on input cards and output cards, and in GET and PUT map rules.

When used with data sources, the HL7 MLLP adapter listens on a port. When a client socket connects to the port, the server socket creates a connection for the client. When a connection is open, the adapter receives a message if the MLLP leading bytes are present. If the leading bytes are missing, the adapter does not accept the message. The MLLP delimiters indicate the end of the message.

When used with data targets, the adapter constructs a message by wrapping the data from the map with the MLLP leading bytes and trailing delimiters. The adapter delivers the message to the specified host on the specified port.

When used with a three-parameter GET rule, the adapter constructs a message, delivers it to the specified host on the specified port, and waits for an acknowledgement. The adapter returns the acknowledgement to the map as output from the GET rule.

The adapter reuses a connection when an output card or PUT function specifies the same host and port numbers as the input card or GET function in the same map. The adapter sends a response message to the client that sent the request message.