HTTP Adapter commands

The following table lists valid commands for the HTTP Adapter, the command syntax, and whether the command is supported for use with data sources, targets, or both.

Name Syntax Source Target
Certificate Authority (-CA) -CA filename
Client Certificate (-CERT) -CERT filename x x
Client Certificate Password (-CPASS) -CPASS password x x
From (-FROM) -FROM address x x
Header (-HDR) -HDR[+][I] x x
HTTP(S) URL (-URL) -URL {HTTP|HTTPS}://[user[:pass]@] [host[:port]][/dir[/file]] x x
Ignore (-IGNORE) -IGNORE error_code[:error_code...] x x
Inline Output (-INLINE) -INLINE x
Listen (-LSN) -LSN seconds x
Method (-M or -METHOD) -METHOD method_name x x
Modified Since (-MOD or -MODIFIED) -MODIFIED http-date x x
Private Key (-PKEY) -PKEY filename x x
Private Key Password (-KPASS) -KPASS password x x
Proxy URL (-PROXY) -PROXY {HTTP|HTTPS}://[user[:pass]@] [host[:port]][/dir[/file]] x x
Redirections Allowed (-REDIR or -REDIRECT) -REDIRECT limit x x
Session (-SESSION) -SESSION session_id [*] x x
SOCKS URL (-SOCKS) -SOCKS {socks4|socks5}://[user[:pass]@] [host[:port]] x x
SSL Encryption Strength (-STR) -STR {WEAK|STRONG|ANY} x x
SSL Protocol (-SPROTO) -SPROTO {SSLv2|SSLv3|SSLv23|TLSv1} x x
Status Code (-SC or -STATUS_CODE) -STATUS_CODE {map_return_code=HTTP_status_code[,map_return_code=HTTP_status_code...] | map_return_code:map_return_code[:map_return_code...]=HTTP_status_code} x
Status Page (-SP or -STATUS_PAGE) -STATUS_PAGE file_name[*].file_type x
Status Page Default (-SPD or -STATUS_PAGE_DEFAULT) -STATUS_PAGE_DEFAULT file_name.file_type x
Timeout (-TIMEOUT) -TIMEOUT time_in_seconds x x
Trace (-T or -TRACE) -T[E][+][S|V] [full_path] x x
Type (-TY or -TYPE) -TYPE content_type [charset=encoding] x x