Populating information upon form submission using a web service

Web services can perform many functions, such as sending data to other forms or applications. The following instructions describe how to use a web service to add information to a form automatically after it is submitted.

About this task

HCL Domino Volt can look up user information for you using a web service call. For example, you can connect a manager with a user submitted form using an intranet directory search.


  1. Click the Stages tab.
  2. You can add an activity to any Submit button in any stage. For this example, click the Edit Properties icon for the Submit button of the Start stage.
    The Edit Action Properties window opens.
  3. Click the Advanced tab.
  4. In the Activities section, create an activity by clicking the menu and selecting Call a Service.
    If there are no existing activities, you see: There are no activities. Click here to create one.
  5. Select a web service from the list in the Service tab.
    For this example, select the directory for your company intranet.
  6. Click the Inputs tab. Map the form fields to the input parameters of the service.
    1. Select Current User from the Select source: window.
    2. Select Search Name from the Select target: window.
    3. Click the connector icon located between the two windows to link the source and the target.
    The connected source and target are displayed in the Assigned Inputs section of the page.
  7. Click the Outputs tab. Map the outputs of the service to the Manager role.
    1. Select Manager Name from the Select source: window.
    2. In theSelect target: window, choose a form item from the list.
    3. Click the connector icon located between the two windows to link the source and the target.
    After the source and target are linked, they appear in the Assigned Outputs area of the screen.
  8. Click OK twice to exit the Call a Service, and Edit Action Properties windows.
    When the user clicks Submit, Domino Volt calls a service to populate the manager’s name into the selected form item.